What are the differences between the webbing materials used everyday?


In our daily life, there are a lot of use cases for web […]

In our daily life, there are a lot of use cases for webbing products, and we also play a definite role in our daily use as a webbing, which provides a lot of convenience for our daily life
Let's take a look at the material difference of the webbing in daily use, and let the user know more about the webbing products:
Usually, the production process of nylon webbing is first dyed and dyed. After the cut, the color of the yarn will be whitened due to uneven dyeing. As the PP webbing, the material will be dyed first, and then When it is compiled, there will always be no whitening of the yarn.
In the case of contrasting two kinds of webbing, the nylon webbing is more lustrous and softer than the PP webbing, and the material of the webbing can be easily distinguished by the burning of the material.
Generally, the price of nylon webbing is higher than that of PP webbing, and the Tedragon webbing is softer and dull. Acrylic webbing is made of Tedron and cotton.

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